On The Lamb in New Zealand

GUEST POST: My sister BJ lists three can’t miss lamb experiences in her husband’s home country of New Zealand.

The most oft-repeated statistic about New Zealand is that the country has 4 million people and 40 million sheep. No matter where you go in New Zealand, you will find lamb on the menu, cooked in every way imaginable, and it will be unfailingly delicious. These babies are grass-fed throughout their lives and must be slaughtered at a younger age, so they are tastier and more tender than their grain-fed counterparts in other countries.

You don’t need a guide to tell you where you can enjoy lamb in New Zealand. Just close your eyes and pick any spot on the map and you’re good. But if you are looking for more sheep thrills (sorry, I can’t resist these sheep puns!), here are some unusual suggestions to consider.

The Hangi is an earth oven used in a traditional Maori method of cooking. Laying a hangi involves digging a pit, filling it with fire-heated…

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