Exploring the Cloud Forest After Sunset

Though you can see plenty of wildlife during the day in Monteverde, the cloud forest buzzes to life when the sun goes down since many of the animals are nocturnal. So if you want to see more wildlife, you have to take a night walk in Monteverde. This is an excellent activity for all ages, especially if you have young ones who love creepy crawleys!

I recently went on a Monteverde night walk with Three Brothers Tours at Finca Santa Maria and highly enjoyed it. We strolled through the private reserve for 2 hours in search of animals and for my first proper night walk in Costa Rica, it was very unique experience and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Here are some photos of the wildlife I saw on the walk. Though I have seen a couple of them during the day before, the rest I haven’t and was a treat to see. Our guide, Elberth was extremely informative and really helpful when it came to taking pictures. He knew exactly how much light to give and how far to stand which is very nice since…

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