10 winning facts about Antarctica to disarm every opponent

The next time someone says they don’t understand why anyone would take an Antarctic cruise, here’s some interesting trivia that might change their mind. We hope you enjoy our 10 winning facts about Antarctica to disarm every opponent.

1. NASA uses the Antarctic to test space gear

The coasts of Antarctica are usually quite mild (during the summer, anyway), but the interior is a different story. Head inland and you’ll feel the temperatures start to plummet. Precipitation all but disappears, and the land is almost entirely free of vegetation. Not so great for luxury travellers, but a fantastic place for a space agency to simulate the inhospitable conditions of outer space.
For example, NASA’s recently announced mission to Mars: What better place to acclimate their future space pioneers than in the Antarctic? There the off-world settlers will get used to living in a harsh environment while testing the gear that’ll keep them alive on the Red Planet.

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