A Must-Do in Northern Vietnam

Back when I was still an idiot kid trying to impress people, one of my “things” was to watch foreign films at small independent film houses. I was in college then and my friends and I would go out, maybe once every two weeks or so, to catch the latest flick inspired by the French New Wave or what not. If it wasn’t subtitled, then we weren’t watching it. I enjoyed those films, though perhaps not as much as I made it seem at the time. Being into obscure foreign films just made you seem so much more sophisticated and interesting didn’t it? ? The things we used to do to look cool. #facepalm

In any case, one of the films I remember most was this French movie with Catherine Deneuve called Indochine. Released in 1992, it was a legitimately good movie that won Best Foreign Language Film at the 65th Academy Awards. Set in French Indochina from the 1930s to the 1950s, I don’t recall anymore what it was about but I do remember the scenes shot here in Ha Long Bay. …

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