Indian Readers: How To Get A Visa for Malaysia For Indian Citizens

I love Malaysia & India… and Malaysia loves Indians. It only takes 10 minutes of watching TV in India to see the many commercials for Malaysia Simply Asia to know how much they value their Indian guests! Of all the countries Indians travel to, Malaysia tops the list! This article shares how to get a visa for Malaysia for Indian citizens. I did deep research for this and also consulted with a visa company to make sure I had all the information up-to-date and correct!

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Malaysia has made a lot of efforts to simplify the access to Indian tourists. There are mainly two options, which can be a bit confusing, so I will explain both in depth. From what I’ve heard, they often reject applications, not because they want to, but because the images are blurry or the directions were not followed 100% in compliance. 

Two ways for how to get a visa for Malaysia for Indian citizens & how much they cost + an easier way

The first way: Malaysia eNTRI


This is a Visa Waiver Program. The…

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