Are families really the overcrowding problem at airport lounges?

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There was a post the other day over on Award Travel 101 (formerly Travel Hacking 101) about the American Express Centurion lounge guest policy.  Since I seem to be a lightning rod for these types of discussions (given my family of 8), I got dragged in to the discussion and thought it was worth a post on it.  Call it a “Friday Firestorm” :-D, since nothing generates angry comments like families traveling with children!

What are people’s views on the Amex Centurion guest policy (ie, 2 free guests)? My family of 4 needed to pay $50 for the extra person. I understand they’re trying to stop the world from coming in, but why penalize a family flying on the same ticket? The lounge agent told me she recently had to charge a lady $50 for her 7 month old baby….

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