8 ways to use a MILLION “worthless” AA miles

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Reader Tom commented: “Aadv miles are pretty much worthless. Got a million I can never use” on a recent post about using airline miles for hotel stays (SEE: Should you use airline miles for hotel stays?). While redeeming miles in this fashion is something I would *never* suggest, it may seem tempting given the utter dearth of American SAAver Award space these days.

But how did you get so many miles?

Whenever I hear of someone having huge numbers of miles I think a few things. First, there is “wow, I wish I had a stash like that!” Followed by, “you obviously don’t redeem miles often enough”. Finally, I wonder “what could I possibly do with XX miles…”

Even though AA award availability is downright AAbysmal, there are still some great options…

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