Ultimate Bangalore Local Food Guide

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is my second home, a place where I live when I’m not traveling. I moved to this metropolitan city for work 7 years ago from Mysore, the city that I grew up and have ever since grown fond of this amazing city. I want to share with you my personal Bangalore local food guide.

Being a foodie, I venture out looking for places to savor my taste buds with exotic food now and then. And yes, now I have a list of my favorite places for almost each kind of cuisine, and depending on my cravings, I keep going for some binge eating!

In this post, I’m sharing some of the best restaurants for savoring authentic Karnataka’s delicacies, plus two other unique places for desserts (bonus!). All of these serve only vegetarian food, which is of course very hygienic!

  • I have listed these places in the order of the oldest to the recently opened places.

01 | CTR

street side dosa

Shree Sagar, popularly known as CTR, is one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore. Started in…

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