Mount Everest Base Camp to get a luxury hotel, helipad, restaurants and a museum


Conquering Mount Everest is at the top of most adventurers’ wish-list. But now even the less adventurous are flying into the base camp on day trips and even enjoying champagne breakfasts there. Although there are actually two base camps at Everest, it has traditionally been the one situated in the south, on the Nepalese side, that climbers have used. This is because the other base camp, located on the Tibetan side, has historically been challenging for foreigners to reach. This is just about to change.

Everest Base Camp going back

A helipad, a hotel, restaurants and a mountaineering museum

China has plans to develop the base camp at Gangkar, in the north, on the Tibetan side.
They are investing around aim $11.5 million to create a tourism…

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