I’m going to Europe (for 250,000 miles)

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Okay technically *I* am not going to Europe, but my parents are, with my miles.  Originally a trip to Scotland was going to be a surprise trip for my dad but my mom decided she had to tell him :-).

This was one of the 6 vacations that I have been in the middle of planning, and it’s good to have finally gotten this booked.

[I’m planning 6 vacations for 3 different families and it’s kind of freaking me out]

Award availability to Edinburgh Scotland was pretty hard to find and it took me quite awhile of searching, even with pretty flexible dates, to find a combination that would work.  Here’s what we ended up with

Outbound flights to Europe

The tricky part for us was that I wanted to do business class flights.  I was hoping for that to be a surprise, but…

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