Join My New ‘India Travel Tips’ Facebook Group For More Travel Tips and To Meet Others Traveling To India

I have some really exciting news! I have made an India travel Facebook group. It’s called India Travel Tips – Hippie in Heels and anyone can join who wants to ask questions about India, share their excitement/worries/concerns, and connect with other travelers. I still have my blog Facebook page which won’t be changing at all. 

I will be moderating the group and accepting members, so although you can invite anyone to it, I’ll have to accept their request. 

So, why make an India Travel Tips Facebook group?

Well, I get a lot of similar questions and although the answers are on my blog, sometimes people just want to “talk it out”. I want to give a space so that you can do that, and not only with me via email but with the other people in this group.

I get somewhere around 100 emails a week from people traveling to India who have quick questions. I have never minded answering them, but it would be so much easier if you guys could post that quesiton in the group where…

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