5 amazing islands to visit when island hopping in the Andaman archipelago


There are over 500 islands in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago in India. So remote are the islands that only 38 are permanently inhabited. While those that are inhabited do see a huge influx of tourists lusting for the white beaches and emerald green waters, you can still find many niches where you can almost feel like you are on a private island. While Andaman promises to have ?Sea Sun Anytime?, choose a slightly off-beat time to visit and you may just about find your slice of paradise on earth. Here are 5 amazing islands that you shouldn?t miss during your visit

1. Little Andaman

Lying at the southern end of the Andaman archipelago, it is one of the largest islands in Andaman open to tourism. Yet, the remote location of the island makes it one of the least visited. This makes it perfect for you! The Butler Bay beach is one of the best among all of Andaman. The white sandy beach and the clear blue waters is…

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