All you wanted to know about Provencal wine!


Provence! The mere name invokes images of fields filled with lavender and sunflowers, bustling markets stocked with locally produced delicacies and plenty of sun. It’s not always the first region that springs to mind when talking about French wine however. Overlooked it may have been, but that’s rapidly changing and Provençal wines are soaring in popularity. And so they should… wine has been produced in Provence for over 2,600 years so the regions winemakers have definitely had time to perfect their craft!

Whilst Red and White wines are produced here, Provence is becoming famous for its Rosé with some 88% of the regions production devoted to it. There is even a research institute dedicated to the style which shows just how seriously Rosé is being taken in Provence!

A little bit about Rosé

People often wonder just how Rosé gets its beautiful pink colour. The assumption is often that a Rosé starts life as a…

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