The best restaurants to try in Bali


Despite Bali being a relatively small island, it offers an abundance of fine dining restaurants. From haute cuisine to BBQ style food, all tastes are satisfied. Below is a list of restaurants we love, and we hope that you enjoy them too. Of course, if there is anywhere which we have not mentioned and you felt was exceptional, please comment below!

Local delicacies

Sate: Charcoal-grilled skewers of chicken, beef, pork, prawns or minced seafood.
Gado-Gado: A half-boiled combination of various vegetables with a peanut sauce.
Nasi Goreng: Indonesian fried rice with either meat or shrimps and fresh vegetables.

If you are feeling adventurous and fancy sampling some true street food without the 5-star trimmings, go in search of a “Warung” – a traditional Indonesian food stall. They normally only serve one or two dishes but will be of the highest and freshest quality.


Kemiri, Uma Ubud

Kemiri is an open-air space…

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