5 places to visit in Crete to discover Greek mythology


Greek mythology is a body of famous stories of gods, heroes and mythical beasts. Although there is a considerable element of fiction, the myths they have inspired have continued to influence the art and literature we recognise today. For those with an interest in Greek mythology or simply a love of historical sites a visit to Crete is not complete without a visit to these 5 ancient sites.

1. Archaeological site of Knossos

A must-see sight in Crete, Knossos has been named Europe’s oldest city and is the largest site in Crete. Steeped in fascinating stories of Greek myths, Knossos is a site to behold. The ruins are believed to have been the home to King Minos and the mythical Minotaur who was held in the city’s labyrinth. This impressive historical site holds ruins of great palaces and ancient architecture. The partially rebuilt ruins paint a vivid picture of life in early settlements and ancient…

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