10 great reasons to cruise to Greenland


Tourism is still a relatively new phenomenon for Greenland. They’ve only had an active tourism office since the early 1990s, and like with any baby industry they’re still finding their way. Which is great for luxury travellers – you’ll still be getting a true immersion into Greenland’s culture without a lot of tourist-facing brouhaha getting in your way.

Rembrandt van Rijn in Greenland, Nuuk

Greenland’s culture (a mix of Inuit and European traditions), history, wildlife, and spectacular scenery have proven to be a growing draw, especially for cruise-liner companies. There’s a lot to take in, and with that in mind we present just eleven of the multitude of Greenland’s natural and historical hot-spots for you to check out while you’re on your Greenland adventure.

1. Icebergs galore

You want icebergs, Greenland has icebergs. Greenland is one of the most prolific iceberg-birthing points in the world outside of Antarctica. Specifically, steer…

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