Instagram Guide to Gozo: All The Best Picturesque Spots

The Maltese Islands’ iconic Azure Window, previously located on the island of Gozo, has collapsed earlier this year, battered by rough seas. Many locals are apprehensive that this unfortunate event may result in a decrease in interest towards the island but this Instagram guide to Gozo will show you otherwise!

Dwejra at Sunset prior to the collapse of the window

Gozo’s rugged coastline showcases some stunning scenery which should not be missed! The island’s coast is ideal for treks or even leisurely walks along which the best views can be enjoyed. If that’s not your thing, regular public transport is available to many of the sights.

Additionally, Gozo is very rich in history and heritage, and traditions are still very evident on the island, making it the ideal spot for those looking for a relaxing vacation with some cultural insight.

1. Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary

The architectural masterpiece, located at the edge of a cliff in the village of Gharb is both a shrine and a…

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