A “Mini Angkor Wat” in Hoi An, Vietnam

I thought we had booked a bike tour. It wasn’t until we hopped in an air-conditioned SUV with our guide Turtle did we realize something was amiss. He described the afternoon’s itinerary in detail but made no mention of bicycles.

“Bicyles? Aiya no way! My Son very far! Even if you pay me 300 dollar I still don’t bike there!” After half an hour of driving through the highway, I realized he was right. My Son Sanctuary was way too far to reach from Hoi An on bicycles, especially in this heat! I reviewed our email trail and read the tour description on their website and true enough, there was no mention of bicycles anywhere. Ren gave me her signature eyeroll after I was so sure Turtle was the one who had messed up. ?

Often referred to as a “mini Angkor Wat”, My Son is a Hindu sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Shiva. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most popular day trip destination from Hoi An, by car.

Pronounced mee-sun, My Son…

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