8 exciting ways an Antarctica cruise might change your life


People who have taken an Antarctic cruise will tell you it is an experience not quite like any other vacation experience they’ve ever had. And chances are, they’ll keep trying to tell you, again and again, how life-changing the trip truly was, only pausing when they take a moment to book their next trip to the south.

So what is it about the Antarctic that has travelers searching for words? What keeps them coming back for more? Here are just 9 reasons why your friends won’t stop bragging about their awesome trip to the Antarctic.

1. Become a part of history.

The Antarctic was one of the last great exploration holdouts, becoming the focus of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration that blossomed during the early 1900s. And here’s the thing – it’s still a frontier. Heading south on an Antarctic cruise means you’re going to be one of the first human beings to ever set foot on our southernmost continent in the…

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