Joey Tag review: keeping track of kids in crowded places

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As a father of 6 kids, one of the things that is always concerning to me is keeping track of all of my kids whenever we go out to a crowded place.  Or rather I should say that it’s something that concerns my WIFE – I figure if I lose a kid then hey, I’ve got 5 more :-).  We have actually lost our kids several times over the past ~15 years, though the absolute worst time was when we couldn’t find our then 5 year old at Lake Erie.  After 5-10 minutes of looking for him you start thinking “Oh man he’s under the water somewhere dead!” (Spoiler alert: he was totally fine, playing on a swing set down the beach a bit).  I’ve seen things like the backpack “leash” and we have used other similar tech things in the past but haven’t used any type of…

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