Why You Should Consider Traveling Solo to Orlando’s Theme Parks

Disney Castle
Disney Castle (photo: Allie Caulfield)

We live in a day and age where it is accepted that people like to be alone.

Going to the movies solo? Not a problem; the lights are down, and it’s rude to chat in the cinema. Brunch for one? Excellent; more bacon for me.

However, there are still some activities that you see raised eyebrows when you say you go solo.

One that stands out is theme parks. “That couldn’t possibly be fun on your own.” “I enjoy screaming at the thrills with a group of friends.” “It’s so romantic going on It’s a Small World with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Ok, I may have made the last one up – can It’s A Small World be romantic?

The point remains that most people wouldn’t consider a day at a theme park, much less a trip to the home of theme parks, Orlando, when traveling alone.

But, like anything else, if we all waited for someone else to be ready to take that trip or be free to have their heart fall out of them as you plunge down on Jurassic…

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