The difference between “points” points and “cash” points (and why it’s important)

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This topic may be a bit of a beginner’s post, but it still comes up quite a lot whenever I am talking to people about miles and points, whether that’s friends and family, or on the Points With a Crew miles and points Facebook group (free to join if you haven’t already!).

I think the hardest thing for many people who are new to miles and points to understand is this difference between points that act as cash, and miles and points that are their own types of currencies.  Let’s take a look at both types of pointsmoney-reimbursement

“Cash” points

The easiest one for most people to understand is points that act like cash.  That’s how most people start out using their points.

Some examples of this are the Barclay Arrival card, Capital One Venture Card, or using your Chase…

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