6 top sweet eats in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole has a complex assortment of great food because of their commitment to source local, higher quality ingredients. You could spend weeks in the area and would still fail to try all the mouth-watering options. Those with a sweet tooth will be particularly intrigued with the quirky, yet simplistic treats in the area. Indulgences in Jackson Hole are typically made with real ingredients, not artificial flavors or sweeteners, taking taste to another level.

Roadhouse – Wyoming whiskey ice cream sandwiches

Countless Roadhouse ice cream sandwiches are prepared by hand every morning, not only to satisfy the taste buds of diners, but to stock the shelves of local grocery stores. Two mini, crispy cookies encase smooth, creamy, whiskey ice cream; dark chocolate sprinkles coat the edges. Authentic Wyoming Whiskey gives visitors a true taste of their distilling craftsmanship, without having to shoot it straight….

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