Top 10 tips for an amazing Dubai holiday during Ramadan


The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins towards the end of May this year and it’s a fascinating and very special time to visit Dubai. While the observant will be fasting from dawn till dusk they will be feasting and in celebratory mood when night falls. Visitors are most welcome to join the fun.

Dubai is cheaper and quieter during Ramadan than other months so it’s an ideal time to visit this fast-paced city. There are some restrictions in place and a little preparation will ensure a memorable trip.

What to wear

Whilst Dubai is a tolerant and tourist-friendly place, it’s still part of a Muslim country. If you want to show respect to your hosts then it’s best to avoid showing too much flesh, and this applies during Ramadan more so than any other time of year. Short shorts should be avoided outside of your hotel or the beach and it’s best for ladies to cover their shoulders.

ALTB-Mall sign

It’s fine to wear normal swimwear on…

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