Top 10 wheeled luxury luggage options for the main hold


Travelling with luggage can be cumbersome sometimes so choosing good quality luggage that can be wheeled about with ease can make all the difference. Here we’ve picked out 10 of the best to make your journey from your accommodation to the airport as effortless as it can be before you get it checked in, ready for the main hold.

Executive Smart Case from Numinous London

This executive luggage case from Numinous is designed for today’s modern traveller, and comes in 24″ and 28″ sizes (as well as a hand luggage size). The 28″ size ensures a spacious interior, perfect for longer journeys or trips where packing is a little more challenging. Luxuriously designed and with a high exterior finish, the SMART Executive 28″ case also features a biometric fingerprint lock and built in scales to ensure no last minute panics at the airport.

Executive Smart Case from Numinous

VinGardeValise® from Fly With Wine

Welcome to the world’s first suitcase…

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