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Istria, the triangle-shaped peninsula in northwestern Croatia, is an increasingly popular tourist destination. It’s easy to see why. Offering a fun mix between Italian and Croatian cultures, Istria is a place of gorgeous architecture, superb culinary specialties, and incredible landscapes.

The Istrian coast is lined with resorts and all kinds of tourist facilities. In certain places, it’s hard to find some authenticity. Rovinj is an exception, though, one of the last true fishing villages in the Adriatic. Rovinj is extraordinarily photogenic, set on a round peninsula and boasting a charming old town center.

The people who do venture into the Istrian heartland often limit their excursion to Motovun, the region’s most popular hilltop town. And yes, Motovun is strikingly beautiful as well—definitely worth a visit. However, to get a taste of the “real” Istria, untouched by mass tourism, we suggest that you also try to visit one or more of the following…

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