[Targeted] Earn 10,500 United miles after 2 car rentals!

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It is often not lucrative to earn miles or points in a different loyalty currency than the one from which you are booking a service (e.g. crediting a Hyatt stay to AA miles). But sometimes it is. And this is definitely one of the times where it is.

United has partnerships with multiple car rental companies, and of these, I find Hertz to be the most lucrative. You can typically earn over 2,000 miles per rental, which I consider amazing. I’d much rather have 2,000+ miles than 50-60 Hertz points for a one day rental!

Current United/Hertz promotion

I received an email from United detailing a promotion where I can earn 3,000 United miles per rental on top of the 2,250 miles I would normally earn. This comes to 5,250 miles per rental. The promotion can be used twice,…

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