Where to Have Sapporo’s Signature Miso Ramen in Ramen Alley

To be honest, Ramen Alley wasn’t our first choice of venue to have Sapporo’s signature miso ramen. When doing research for this trip, I saw many locals refer to it as a tourist trap, a place to steer clear from if you were serious about miso ramen. They warned of the ramen restaurants in downtown Sapporo that served them with sweet corn (gasp!). Sweet corn in ramen is for tourists they said, and something to avoid at all costs.

I took their warnings to heart and decided to add Ramen Alley as a mere backup, relegated to the last page of our itinerary with an asterisk beside its listing. We would pass by to take pictures, mention it briefly in our blog, and that was it. We would DEFINITELY not be eating there.

But as fate would have it, we did eat there, and it turned out to be pretty good. Scroll down for the story.

One of the entrances to Ramen Alley. We ate at that restaurant on the right, the one with the yellow curtains. Ramen Alley is literally an alley…

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