Lost in Time at the Linden Row Inn

By Adam Groffman

Lost in Time at the Linden Row Inn - Travels of Adam -

During my time traveling around the world, I’ve noticed how important it is for hotel rooms—or accommodation in general—to have a personality. In this era of AirBnB, hostels, hotels and design hotels, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate one place from another and you then miss out on special places while staying in cookie-cutter rooms. During my road trip around the Washington D.C./Virginia area, I ended up in a historical hotel in Richmond, the famous Linden Row Inn. A hotel where it was easy to feel lost in time.

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Lost in Time at the Linden Row Inn - Travels of Adam -

The first thing you see when you enter the hotel is a sort of living room with old computers and vintage furniture, an introduction that reflects the whole design of the suites, most of them decorated with original, historical furniture. Once…

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