Favorite Foods from Around the World

A Full English Breakfast. It’s a hearty meal! (Credit: Kate Hopkins)

I mostly travel to eat. Nothing excites me more than trying new foods, particularly if the dish hails from that particular area.

This can prove to be problematic, in that if I do end up falling head over heels for that meal, I’ll be somewhat devastated upon leaving the country and will spend months or years thinking about that particular food item and wondering when or if I’ll ever get to eat it again.

Here are some of my favorite foods from around the world, which have ruined me for life.

Black Pudding and Scotch Eggs in Britain

I ate a lot of black pudding and scotch eggs while living in the UK and they are two of the things I miss the most from my day-to-day life there.

Black pudding or blood sausage is, as the name suggests, a sausage made of pork blood (with fat and oatmeal) and an important part of a Full English Breakfast (establishments who promise you a full English, then deliver a plate without this…

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