See the City From Another Angle

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge at sunset. Simply wandering around the city has its merit too.

You could live a lifetime in London and never run out of things to do.

I truly believe this, as I spent over two years in the city and still manage to leave with a “to do” list that was miles long. Some of these were well-trodden paths (how have I not been to the Tate Modern?) Others were quite alternative London tourist destinations, which many visitors simply do not hear about.

If you’re traveling through the UK’s capital, with minimal days to spare, it can be quite difficult to narrow down exactly what you’re going to experience during your time there.

Here are some sights I recommend, if you want to see a side of the city that many tourists are not aware of. Or, if you’re a local who wants to get to know the capital a bit better!

Tower of London
I’d been to the Tower of London years ago, but had never seen the Traitor Gate!

Take a cruise down the Thames

In my experience, one of the easiest and most…

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