Postcards from Amorita Resort in Bohol

Postcards from Amorita | A Hotel Review of Amorita Resort Bohol | via @Just1WayTicket © Sabrina Iovino

It was my third visit to Bohol and I have to say, this time I enjoyed it the most. I guess it had to do with our accommodation choice. We spent 3 nights at the glorious Amorita Resort and I’m thrilled to give a review about this extraordinary hotel on my blog today.


Before I even got there, my friends Char and Melo told me that the world-famous Instagrammers Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly
stayed at the Amorita, just a couple of weeks before my arrival. Now I was even more excited.


In case you have lived under a rock and don’t know who Murad Osman is, he’s that guy who invented that infamous “follow me” pose. His gorgeous wife is all over his Instagram wearing the most
spectacular dresses in front of stunning landscapes. Here are 2 shots of them while they visited Bohol.



Why you should visit Bohol


Bohol is an island that provides each traveling aficionado with an array of…

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