The 10 Best Adult Paint by Numbers Kits (+ Tips to Complete Them)

I am always looking for unique bucket list ideas, especially when they are fun things to do at home—with no traveling required! And completing an adult paint by numbers kit is one of them. The best part about them is that you don’t need to be an artist in order to be painting a masterpiece. It’s true.

Painting by numbers is an activity includes a kit and a canvas with a printed framework for your future painting. Every color is given its own number. You simply follow the pattern, and you’ll be surprised at how elaborate your work of art will be.

#1. Colorful Cow {buy here}

The first recommended adult painting by numbers piece is the one that I completed myself—this colorful cow! The entire process took about fifteen hours and two weeks to finish. Though it wasn’t necessarily hard to complete, seeing all the tiny numbers was tricky. In the end, my painting turned out looking pretty close to the original.

#2. Eiffel Tower Adult Paint by Numbers {buy here}

#3. Colorful Cat {buy…

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