Farefetch: Site that will PAY you for booking other people’s flights is LIVE

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A few months ago, I had written about Farefetch, a site where people can submit fare requests and anyone (like you) can sign up to fulfill the requests if you find a fare that meets their parameters.  One unique thing with Farefetch is that they not only allow but encourage you to potentially use your own miles and points to fulfill the other person’s fare request.

While I do offer an award booking service, think of this as a crowd-sourced award booking service for the masses.

I do feel like at least the part about using your miles to book other people’s flights is something that is unsustainable, rife for abuse, and likely to be either shut down by Farefetch or get people banned by their frequent flier mile program of choice

Farefetch now LIVE

I signed up…

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