Accommodation choices for your Bali holiday

A common question we’re frequently asked from travellers that are visiting Bali for the first time is whether to stay in a hotel or book a private villa. So if you’re in the midst of planning a holiday to Bali, it’s worth considering your options first before booking your accommodation. Here’s our quick rundown on the main types of holiday accommodation in Bali.

Reasons to book a hotel in Bali

There’s plenty of hotels in Bali – over a thousand in fact – and these range from budget hotels to 5 star luxury hotels on the beach. We all know about the general experience of staying in a hotel but let’s think about the actual benefits. A hotel has many rooms, standard services, and shared facilities for all guests. So, in a hotel you’ll be surrounded by lots of hotel staff as well as other guests. You’ll have access to all the facilities such as restaurant, gym, and pool, and the hotel might even host special event nights for it’s guests….

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