Here’s Why You Should Consider A Wellness Retreat at Myrtle Beach

I always feel really crappy when I leave the USA and go back to India. Usually, I’m really depressed from saying goodbye to my family, anxious about the journey back to India, and feeling gross/fat from eating junk for 6 weeks straight. In the US, I get so excited about all the food I miss from home, I eat everything. So, feeling low about yourself, feeling unhealthy, and feeling sad/anxious is not a good combo! I thought doing a wellness retreat at Myrtle Beach and a little detox from fatty food before going back to India was a great idea!

If you’re looking for a wellness retreat, Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer; and they are actually doing really budget-friendly wellness retreats. I came to try out a mix of their activities on offer. At upcoming ones in September and October they’ll have specific retreat options at the hotel I stayed at (Marina Inn at Grand Dunes) as well as the Marriott at Grand Dunes and Kingston Resorts where with the package you save 30% on all the…

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