5 of the best modern Russian cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg

If you’re intrigued by a visit to Russia but assume that restaurant food will be unappealing and revolve around potatoes, cabbages and beets, think again. There’s a new generation of young and talented chefs at work, who make the most of locally sourced produce, seafood and meat.

They draw not only from traditional Russian cuisine but also international influences, and their best dishes would be at home in the most upscale Nordic cuisine restaurants of their Scandinavian neighbors. Fortunately, prices are significantly lower than in Scandinavia, making Russia a hidden gem for foodies. Here are my current favorite restaurants for modern Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg.

Vkus Est (Taste to Eat)

I’ve dined at Vkus Est 4 times over the past couple weeks, and never been disappointed. I like that there’s enough dining space, especially for lunches and early dinners, that it never feels too crowded or too loud, and that the kitchen…

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