Get a Taste of the Real Hoi An with a Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class

This cooking class was awesome. We booked several tours in Vietnam but this cooking class in Hoi An was our favorite. Not only was it one of the most fun things we did, it was also the most rewarding, especially for someone like me who’s done little more than boil pasta in his life.

We enjoy eating local food on our trips, but to actually learn how to make these dishes yourself before eating them is a different kind of experience. It puts you on both sides of the table and gives you a better understanding and appreciation for the cuisine. At Thuan Tinh Island Cooking School, they make it easy for you so previous kitchen experience isn’t a prerequisite. On top of doing all the tedious mise en place for you, they guide you through each step of every dish so your success is pretty much guaranteed.

Definitely my kind of cooking class! ?

We took the Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class in April of 2017 and paid USD 34 each. That included all the food and ingredients…

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