A Journey Through Eindhoven

By Adam Groffman

Paris. Berlin. London. Rome. No matter whether you’re a local or visiting, Europe is almost always associated with its big cities—these international hubs of trendy, multicultural lifestyles. However, there are thousands of equally interested cities across the continent. European cities that are secret hotspots with as much urban life, cosmopolitan attitudes and international flair as their bigger capital cities.

Discovering these secret cities is always a surprise for many tourists, but it’s a favorite travel tip of mine when visiting Europe. You’ll find all the aspects of a big city but in a small town; prices are better and that same hip atmosphere exists. Often times, these small, big cities are in unexpected places—hours away from the capital but just as easily connected.

Eindhoven Travel Guide - Travels of Adam -

Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, is one of these small cities. It’s one of the largest cities in the south of Holland, which probably doesn’t mean much. The city is most famous…

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