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Most vacation destinations require a dramatically different season-by-season wardrobe, while Scotland’s consistently cool and wet weather makes for generally easy packing. However, there’s a little more to it than just a windbreaker and athletic shoes! Check out our packing guide of essentials for a trip to Scotland.


Scotland Travel Packing Guide


Highlands vs. Lowlands

Scotland’s terrain varies greatly, from coast-to-coast and mountains to valleys. Where you’re planning to take your trip — whether it’s the scenic Highlands, like the Hebrides, or the culturally rich Lowlands with all of the country’s major cities — will largely determine what kind of clothing to pack.

Scotland Travel Packing Guide

Travel within the Highlands will likely be nature-centered, given the infinite castles, lakes, mountains, and wildlife to explore. Higher altitudes in this region mean snowfall in the winter and frequent rain year round.

Packing layers is highly advised for any time of the year, with additional…

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