The 5 best ski resorts in South America

When considering which destination to choose for your next luxury ski trip, it is likely you will think of Europe, Canada and the USA as potentials, however, it is also worth considering South America. Ski resorts are becoming an increasingly popular choice in this vast continent, and with the increase in popularity comes much better facilities and options. The high altitude Andes mountain range runs through both Chile and Argentina, and each country has a few different options for snow seekers, particularly those wanting the thrill of off-piste, back-country and heli-skiing. Here are our top 5 resorts and accommodation options;

1. Portillo

High in the Andes, and located very close to the Argentina-Chile border, Portillo is one of the best-known ski locations in Latin America. Less a town and more like an exclusive resort, there is only one place to stay whilst here – the bright yellow, and unmistakable, Ski Portillo Resort. Close to the peak of…

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