The Best Time of Year and Best Places to See Whales in Costa Rica

Of all the wildlife in water and on land in Costa Rica, one of the most spectacular animals are the whales. Both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts have over 25 species of dolphins, porpoises and whales.

During the peak months of migration, it is easy to see these magnificent beasts roaming the waters. Costa Rica’s waters are blessed with good health, temperature and location, so some whale species come here year round to mate, give birth and raise their young before heading back to feed on krill which are rich in the colder waters.

So if you’re coming to Costa Rica hoping to see some whales, you’re in luck!

There are many spots around the country to see these majestic marine mammals and you’ll probably be able to see other animals like dolphins, manta rays and turtles as well.

In this guide you’ll read about the different whales that pass by Costa Rica, the best places and times to see them and the type of whale watching tours offered.

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