The 6 best brunch options in Denver


Denver International Airport is a gateway hub and destination airport as it is now the 7th busiest airport in the U.S. With that increase in business comes the explosion of dining options. Maybe it traces back to the cowpoke days, but breakfast and an early start are pretty synonymous with the region. And if you are lucky enough to have a stopover or it’s your destination, the Saturday/Sunday brunch options in Denver are where the chefs roll out exciting and savory dishes all over town.

Old Major

Old Major was the “purebred” of pigs and a philosopher in Animal Farm, and think he did about the menu at his namesake in the Highlands neighborhood. Here they butcher and cure their meats, and make their pastries, so expect creations with a little more flavor. You can oink it up with the pork breakfast burger, or swim a little with the blue crab shrimp omelet. “Farm-inspired American cuisine” gives you a taste…

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