The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nevada’s Rubies Route

When you think of Nevada, lush green fields full of wildflowers backed by snow-capped mountains probably doesn’t immediately come to mind — but in Northeastern Nevada, that’s just what you’ll find!

Lamoille Canyon (formed by glaciers) and the Ruby Mountains (a.k.a. The Swiss Alps of Nevada) is still largely untouched, with more than two dozen alpine lakes. This area’s rugged beauty will captivate any nature-lover’s heart. If you’re looking for solitude and awe-inspiring beauty, the Rubies Route should be high on your list!

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nevada’s Rubies Route

Travel Guide to Nevada’s Rubies Route + Packing Tips

 How to Get There

The Rubies route is located in Elko County. If you’re not road tripping through this area, you can fly into the small airport of Elko, which is situated along Hwy 80 in Northeastern Nevada. There are two flights a day with Delta Airlines, which connect in Salt Lake City.

 Where to Stay

The town of Elko has plenty of accommodation options and it’s a good base…

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