5 Reasons Why Cruising the Mekong River in Vietnam is a Must

Mekong River
Mekong River

Vietnam is a country of contrasts, tasty food, and jaw dropping natural beauty.

As a place that’s full of rivers, bays, thousands of miles of coastline, and even islands, you can imagine that many of the ideal spots to visit in Vietnam are near the water.

However, one place that stands out and brings the best aspects of the country together is the Mekong Delta.

Most travelers put Halong Bay high up on their list. Its dramatic scenery, green waters, and moody landscapes are what you picture when you think of Vietnam.

Options range from backpacker party boats to quiet and luxurious overnight journeys around the bay.

Although Halong Bay is definitely worth a visit in the north, many travelers miss out on a Mekong River experience when they’re in the south.

It’s a shame because it’s where so much vibrant diversity and traditional Vietnamese culture can be found.

The Mekong may not have the same striking beauty or popularity as Halong Bay, but it has its own charms,…

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