The Most Unusual Museums in Japan

GUEST POST: Kirsten Powley of TourRadar writes about some of the most unusual museums you can visit in Japan.

Japan has a lot of beauty – the cherry blossoms, hot springs, stunning mountains and temples – but it also has plenty of quirks. You may know of the classics, like spending time in a photo booth plastering strange bug-eyed emojis to your pictures, but it gets much, much more bizarre.

Museums in Japan can be dedicated to just about anything you can think of, from the weird and wonderful to the strange and gross. Here are a few we’ve rounded up that we guarantee are worth your visit!

No doubt when in Japan, you’ll be eating a lot of delicious foods like noodles and ramen (and if you weren’t planning on it, get it on your list now). How better to experience Japan’s love of noodles than with a stop at the Ramen Museum, where you can taste a wide variety of ramen and even make your own – complete with personalized packaging.


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