5 of the best hotels in Arctic Europe


The region of Arctic Europe includes Finnish Lapland, Northern Norway and Swedish Lapland, the most Northern parts of each of the three countries. This is a region of spectacular natural beauty, gourmet food, Northern Lights and White Nights.

The Arctic Circle is the land of the midnight sun. The Summer solstice in June is a time of joy and celebration before fall sets in. The first snow comes early, followed by Christmas time, before the ice departs and the cycle starts all over again! We think the best time to visit is in the magic of winter, when you can hear the silence and enjoy the most spectacular scenic beauty.

Visit a Viking longhouse that has survived though the centuries, enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride, or feel the exhilaration of a husky safari with the excitement of the dogs who thrive on their work. Take an expert photography tour and learn about the unique light, or get your adrenaline going with a…

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