Best Hostels in Thailand – Indie Traveller

Your decision on where to stay can massively impact your Thailand trip.

I once stayed in a horrible dump of a hostel in Chiang Rai where there weren’t any windows and where I found enormous mushrooms growing in the shower. It was a depressing place that put a big damper on my enjoyment.

I also once stayed in the most amazing hostel on Koh Lanta with great breakfast, Thai massages, and the beach just a one-minute walk away. I made so many friends there it was impossible to leave!

To help other travellers out, I made a selection of what I think are some of the best hostels in Thailand.

How I picked these hostels: most of them I’ve stayed in myself at one point or another. But like Varys in Game of Thrones, I also have a network of little travel birds telling me where it’s good…

I like hostels that offer good value-for-money, that have a homely or social atmosphere, and that have a good location. I’m not listing any hostels that are exclusively party hostels, as these…

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