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Rome might typically take the spotlight as Italy’s token tourist destination, but to really appreciate this beautiful country you need to step outside the walls of the Eternal City. Venture into the countryside for miles of vineyards and olive orchards, or explore seaside villages with clusters of ancient, colorful homes.

Here are our top must-see places in Italy; try to make it to one or two, or even all ten!

10 Places You Can't Miss in Italy


10 Places You Can’t Miss in Italy


1. Venice

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Venice, notorious for its hundreds of canals and complete lack of cars. Venice seems to be suspended in time with its traditional carnivals and masks, beautiful architecture (don’t miss Piazza San Marco), and markets like Mercati di Rialto that date back to the 11th century!

Be THAT cheesy tourist and take a ride in one of the iconic gondolas, or get lost wandering the narrow cobblestone streets. Oh, and don’t forget your rain boots — high tide commonly causes…

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