Neyk: the world’s most luxurious submarine


If you’re considering buying the perfect toy for your that special someone in your life or yourself, then you can be sure you’ll make a splash with the remarkable, bespoke submarine: Neyk. This is officially the best private luxury toy I have discovered to date. Ocean Submarines say that Neyk will be available from early 2018.

A collaboration with Rolls-Royce, Bosch and MTU

Ocean Submarines have collaborated with other engineering visionaries such as Rolls-Royce, Bosch and MTU to bring Neyk to you. The submarine is the result of this collaboration over a period of eight years.

neyk bespoke personal-submarine

The 19-metre long, 100-ton underwater vessel is capable of carrying as many as 12 passengers. The airplane-style cabin comes complete with a full bar, leather seats, library and galley, all of which will be kitted out to suit your personal style. The interior will be fashioned by master craftsmen ensuring a superb end-result. When you…

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